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That Pomo, my first Android app.

This week I released my first app on the Android store you can get it here:

The app is based on the Pomodoro technique which I use often to help me get started on something I feel that I’m procrastinating on.

I set up a Trello board for the app that I used to track things that kept coming into my head as I developed and when it came time to decide on what I should cut out of the first release.

I am busy writing a proper blog post on the development process of the app and I hope to have it done by next weekend. I am going to cover things like how important it is to finish things when you want to learn. How to decide what goes in the first release and what doesn’t. What I learnt about myself in the process of developing the app.

Overall it was a really awesome experience, even though it only took me about fifteen hours (most of that was learning the APIs) they were well spent.

Until next time, may you find the joy of creating something.


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