About Me

Hi, I’m a developer, I have been writing code for a very long time. Mostly in Java but recently I’ve been doing a lot of HTML, Javascript, AngularJS and even some Scala.

About The TCC!

While a lot of the times I will write about development, my favourite area is the human aspect to software creation, we are the most complex systems out there.

I use the latest version of WordPress.


All the opinions you find in this blog are my own. I never speak for my employer, the government or anybody else. These thoughts are mine, I share them with you. Sometimes I will create fictional people to make a point, these people do NOT exist the are made up to make my story sound awesome.

I have been very fortunate in my life because I’ve been surrounded by people smarter than me from who I can learn. A lot of what I write about has been borrowed from people smarter and wiser than me.

Welcome and thanks for joining me. Hopefully we can learn and grow from each other.


P.S. my old blog was at http://thatcodeplace.blogspot.com/ this is my new place on the internet and while I will move most of my old posts here over time, all the new content will be coming out on this site.

My daughter and I on the beach.

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